Tammy Tittle, R.Sc.P.
Licensed Science of Mind Practitioner
Spiritual Counseling
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Spiritual Counseling 
Spiritual counseling is set apart from other types of counseling because it is rooted in the belief we are Spiritual beings having a human experience. From our human experience and conditioning our beliefs, opinions and judgements  emerge and give life to our thoughts and therefore our human circumstance.

The spiritual counselor's job is to help the client discover thoughts, beliefs, perceptions and opinions that block the client from experiencing the life he or she desires and replace them with thoughts that will create a happier life experience.

A spiritual counselor does not prescribe, diagnose or recommend any course of treatment. He or she merely helps the client discover their own answers for greater self mastery and connection to their Higher Power. 

A typical session is about one hour long, sometimes longer, sometimes shorter as required by the client, begins with affirmative prayer and intention setting, then follows course as set by the client's needs and desires exploring thoughts, beliefs, opinions and judgments blocking the desired life experience and discovering the power within to change thoughts and habits leading to more joy and happiness in life, closing the session with affirmative prayer.